Friday, July 18, 2014

Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Date A Drama Kid

Listen, I don't mean to talk badly about my own people, but when Robin gave you reasons you should date us, I knew I had to give you reasons not to.
It's only fair.
There are a few things you should be forewarned about before committing to an artistic, beautiful soul that is a drama kid. Such as...

1. We leave the drama outside...which is where you are.

The most true entry on this list.

2. The singing never stops.

Did you maybe want to listen to a casual song while driving in the car? HAH! Yeah right. You're probably going to have that screamed in your ear from the passenger seat. Either that, or there's going to be a Radio City Music Hall emotional crescendo to fit the song.

3. We're desperate for feedback.

Now, while it's true that we can handle constructive musings on our performances, we live off of peoples compliments, and die by their criticism.
Applause, laughter, screaming, weeping and other completely normal outbursts are something we actually appreciate. And if we don't always get it, we'll be convinced that we did something wrong.

4. We are very poor.

Hope you don't have a problem with dates consisting of sitting at home watching movies, because that's all we can afford. And that's just highschool. Wait until college.
What? We can't just not go see Hedwig and the Angry Inch after it won all those Tonys I don't care how much it is. And It's not our fault that we had to go buy a spandex unitard and pounds of makeup for Cats yesterday. Do you want us to just quit the show? Do you hate Cats? Do you hate me?

5. We like to look good.

George Costanza is the drama kid.

This also conflicts with the above entry and gives us another thing to spend our limited funds on that is not you.

6. All of us are really humble and not at all arrogant

7.We can be...very straightforward.

That dress?'s uhh...tacky.
Most times when we ask for feedback, we're looking for general, honest observations so that we can improve. So when other people come along looking for the "right" answer, we might just hit them with the "wrong" answer. It's for your own good, darling.

8. We might be seeing other people

*Those other people being another character while in a show.*
Yes, stage relationships and kisses are no joke ladies and gentleman. They even happen in high school. Multiple times. In one show. So if you're the jealous type, and can't suspend disbelief past seeing your boyfriend or girlfriend get close to someone else, you may be in trouble.

9. We're always busy

Immediately investing in this shirt.
Last year, I had an estimated total of seven days off from rehearsal. That's normally the Monday between a show's close on Saturday, and the next audition or cold-read on Tuesday.
From September all the way to the end of the school year, I was in the midst of memorizing, scheduling, or rehearsing for a show. Be it Mainstage, Black Box, Ensemble, Musical Theatre Troupe or Director's Guild.
But, by all means, catch us on one of those seven days and we'd totally love to hangout!

10. We enjoy all of it.

All of our little flaws and personality traits, our terrible schedules and our empty wallets...that's what make us different from the others in the hallway. You know who I'm talking about. The bro wearing an Obey shirt, tan shorts, Nike calf socks and Vans. "Goon squad!" he shouts. "Hella!"
We're not like that. But our big hearts are still capable of loving you.
So if you think we you can deal with everything mentioned above, you can't really go wrong.
Actually... if you can handle all that, maybe you should be a drama kid yourself.

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