Monday, June 4, 2012

An Me, and why you should be in theatre (but mostly Me)

Hello, world!

is me.

Well..okay, its not. But this...
Why hello there
is also not me.
You get the point... This is who I want to be. Everybody has a dream. I just have the one that entails being cast as Kevin Price in an off-broadway tour of the Book of Mormon. It's not too much to ask. I would even be okay with playing Jesus in Godspell (chances are lower, since anyone with a voice can fit his range)
But anyways...

I also think that Bialystock from The Producers would be a great role that could give me a chance to show my over-acting side!

Enough with the role-playing fantasies *badum tss*
I'd like to first tell you how I became "The Hipster"

Really.. Id like to tell you, since I don't know either. Maybe it's because I have prescription hipster glasses. Maybe it's because of my daring and unique hairstyles. I do not know. Ask the bitch. (Next post: why our nicknames don't really relate to us).

A different and more related-to-this-blog post:
I came into the drama program at Insert school name here (Foiled again, molesters!) very unsure of myself. I did not want to sing in front of people and fabulous teachers that I did not know, and I definitely did not want to dry-read a script (especially since I had never touched a monologue in my life)((I didn't even know what a monologue was)), in fear of embarrassing myself, and being estranged from the Beautiful Black Box forever. I was afraid of writing down my name on the audition slip (and should I be okay with being put in the tech crowd if I don't get a role?)

Its quiet back here..*sigh*

Well Im glad I did.
If it wasn't for that tryout, I wouldn't have gotten the lead role that I did.. which probably would have led to not trying out for future productions, and my life would be going a different direction. I wouldn't be paying attention to the arts, and I would not be going into the Drama class next year in the hopes that I could establish myself as a serious contender and improve my acting ability.

Oh god, that sounded like an advertisement. No more with that.
tl;dr I don't regret that audition

But to finish off that cleverly placed ad, I recommend that everyone take their schools theatre audition slip, write down their name, and list whether they'd be okay with being cast into tech (If there wasn't tech, shows couldn't exist).
After that you'll be ready for your (very liberal ((and cool)) school's production of RENT.

Have fun. Now, make like Benny and leave.

but don't stop coming back

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