Monday, June 4, 2012

And suddenly, the fourth appeared.

I dislike introductions.

Or, at least, poorly executed ones.

I've often pondered available alternatives to the staleness of "Hi, I'm [some ineloquent moniker, like Chad... apologies to all named Chad, you unfortunate bastards], I like puppies and I have two kids!"
Not that Chad's life isn't potentially intriguing; I'm sure he'd be able to fascinate at parties with the best of them. But first impressions, though often fleeting in the duration of their occurrence, are of the utmost importance in many social situations (galas and benefits, business meetings, fated encounters at IKEA... is that just me? Oops), and our dear friend Chad would not be able to cut it in certain company.
So, dear reader, that begs the question: how shall I reveal myself to you?
...Clearly through the dissection of rudimentary social conventions. Moving on.

I, the songstress. I would dearly hope you can draw from that exactly what I do. Singing is my entire being. And not the simple (or simply ridiculous) fare that issues from the speakers of many of my generation (though that may be "music", it is anything but musical), but the classics, whether they be legitimate classical or poignant enough in lyric and delivery to earn the label "classic".

I hope you know who this is. This man is bloody brilliant. The fact of whether or not you are inclined to agree, you'll find, is one I'm not so inclined to care about.

...As much as I'd love to continue fangirling over Monsieur Simon, that is rather not the point. Anyway. You'll find that I differ from my cohorts in one respect: I did not choose theater when blazing my path through public education. This is not to say I lack an interest; in fact, I find theater and all its particulars endlessly fascinating (especially those of musicals; I'm a bit of a nutcase when it comes to musicals. Seriously. Don't even mess). But, being of the mind that I wanted my voice specifically to take me places in life, I selected choir.

...To be perfectly frank, it saved my life.

No, not in a way that would have involved me taking drastic action where my vitality was concerned. That situation's presence is not mandatory for a life to be saved. Choir gave me a person to be, a group of people to love and lead, and a perspective on my existence that I could not have gained anywhere else, and for that, I am indebted.

So I suppose that gives you some small taste of who I am, and if it doesn't, I'm playing the "I'm too fatigued to continue into further detail" card.

Yeah, fool. You just got told by Yoda. Pretty sure Obi-Wan shares his sentiments, too.  

I'm predicting a sharp increase in either my snarkiness or my hyperactivity in the next few posts, so stay tuned. It'll certainly be something entertaining.

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