Monday, June 4, 2012

This'll Do for an Intro

I haven't read any of my fellow blogger's posts because I'm kind of a bitch, I guess. Usually I have to be sleep-deprived for that to happen, but today just seems to be a special, glorious day.

I'm deprived of ideas so let me go read those posts and get back to you. Frankly I'm unsure of what's appropriate and what's inappropriate to post on the internet. (Let the joke just sink in...)

I'm not really sure how to find pictures I want on Wikimedia Commons yet so here's the picture of the day to break the tension.
Okay, apparently I just need to give some kind of blurb about who I am and how I got backstage.

Now the great question which every human being grapples with every day: Who am I?

I'm the fucking writer.

Writers are known for being notoriously confident. This man, for example, wrote a whole essay about why we should be as confident as him. Or something. I never read it.
I've been interested in writing my whole damn life. Ever since I was a young'un I wrote tedious works of prose to imitate the books I read and to wow my family.

For the record: writing doesn't grab the attention of your family. Running into a television stand and fracturing your skull does.

I never was any good with prose so I moved on to poetry. I was such a good fourth grade poet that they had me read the poem in front of the school. Which totally didn't get me beaten up. Not in Los Angeles. That would be silly.

Also in Los Angeles I got into improv. That was my first exposure to theatre, and it was awesome. You just went up onstage, said what you thought was funny, and people laughed. It was a major confidence boost, but like soccer and piano, I gave up my hobby when I inevitably moved to a new state.

That state was Kansas. And instead of just living there for a year like most places, I actually spent three or four years in a consistent environment. I played video games, I created lego adventures, and I got exposed to Red vs. Blue.

This was how I wanted to write. It was pure story and humor. I didn't have to go around explaining to people what was going on because in a video you could just see what was happening. So I started writing scripts. I never got around to filming them, but they were there and they were okay. I moved to Phoenix and spent a middle school experience losing my sense of value and doing some writing because that was funny and none of my friends were.

After two years of struggle I finally made it to high school and the glorious Black Box.

That's me on the right. In the Black Box. Being as awesome as the building.
I took theatre because I had the choice between that, band, and choir, and since I have a poor singing voice,  failed my lunchtime bandwork in elementary school for not practicing, and got laughs in fourth grade improv I chose theatre.

And I have never looked back.

Theatre's been the single most rewarding experience of my life: I gained confidence, an identity, and expanded my writing and have had it appreciated by my peers and adults.

Enjoy this moment, adults, it's the only time I'll imply that the general generation that considered this a legitimate threat superior to me in any way.
Yeah, that all wasn't instantaneous. It's taken me three years to get there, but for senior year I think I'm gonna enjoy that full force.

We'll see.

Backstage Bitch of the Day: The school year, and therefore theatre. doesn't start for another two months.

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